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0808-fin-chain-001 Silver Plated Finished 18 inch 2.5mm Cable-style Chain (Package of 1 chain)
Finished 18" 2.5mm Cable Chain - This sterling silver-plated cable-style chain is 18" in length...
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0543-6JL-ss Silver Plated 6mm JUMPLOCK Open Jump Rings (Package of 10 Jump Rings)
6mm Silver Plated JUMPLOCK Open Jump Rings (18 Gauge). This locking jump ring is very...
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0580-rbn-sp Silver Plated Awareness Ribbon Charm (Package of 1 Charm)
This beautifully made pewter silver plated charm (16mm x 7mm) has a smooth front. Nicely...
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0801-1-ss Sterling Silver 1.5 inch Head Pins (Package of 6 Head Pins)
Sterling silver 1.5 inch head pins. These lightweight (24 gauge) headpins are easy to work...
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5000-8-rol Swarovski Crystal 8mm Round Light Rose Beads (Package of 12 Beads)
Article: 5000 Faceted Round BeadSize: 8.00 mmColor: Light Rose (223)Hole Diameter: 1.30 mm
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5810-8-roprl Swarovski Crystal 8mm Rosaline Round Pearls (Package of 25 pearls)
Article: 5810 Round PearlsSize: 8.0 mmColor:  Rosaline Pearl (ROPRL)Hole Diameter: 0.80 mm
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0630-Round Nose w/ spring Pliers (1 tool per package)
These round nose pliers are an essential tool for forming perfect loops and curves with...
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