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0701-25-ss Sterling Silver .025 inch French Ear Wire (Package of 6 wires)
These sterling silver .025 inch French ear wires are hammered with loop and coil to...
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0801-2-ss Sterling Silver 2 inch Head Pins (Package of 6 Head Pins)
.925 Sterling silver 2 inch head pins. These lightweight (24 gauge) headpins are easy to...
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5601-4-je Swarovski Crystal 4mm Jet Cube Beads (Package of 12 Beads)
Article: 5601 Faceted Cube BeadSize: 4.00 mmColor: Jet (280)Hole Diameter: 1.00 mm
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0831-6-sp Swarovski Rhodium Silver Plated Clear Crystal 6mm Squaredelles (Package of 4 Beads)
Made with genuine Swarovski clear crystals. This 6mm square rondelle is the perfect compliment to...
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5810-6-wprl Swarovski Crystal 6mm White Round Pearls (Package of 50 pearls)
Article: 5810 Round PearlsSize: 6.0 mmColor: White Pearl (WHITE)Hole Diameter: 0.80 mm
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5810-8-wprl Swarovski Crystal 8mm White Round Pearls (Package of 25 pearls)
Size: 8.0 mmColor:  White Pearl (WHITE)Hole Diameter: 0.80 mm
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0822r-6-eme Swarovski Rhodium Silver Plated Emerald 6mm Round Rondelles (Package of 4 beads)
This 6mm round rondelle is the perfect compliment to Swarovski crystals. This item will add...
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