Supplies you will need for a set

(6) Gold plated 4mm daisy spacer beads (2) 5mm Gold plated talavera star bead cap, (4) 2.5mm 14K gold filled smooth round beads, (2) 14K Gold filled french ear wires, (2) 2" 14K Gold filled head pins, (2) 4mm Crystal golden shadow bicone beads (2) 4mm Emerald cube beads, (2) 6mm Emerald cube beads

Tools you will need

Chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, wire cutters

Step 1

Slide a smooth round bead, daisy spacer, 6mm cube bead, daisy spacer, 4mm bicone bead, daisy spacer, 4mm cube bead, talavera bead cap, and smooth round bead onto a headpin

Step 2

Using the chain nose pliers bend the head pin right above the last bead at a 90 degree angle

Step 3

Using your round nose pliers- Start making the loop by bending the headpin CLOCKWISE around the nose of your pliers.

Step 4

Trim off the excess wire using wire cutters

Step 5

Adjust shape if needed with chain nose pliers

Step 6

Gently bend open the french ear wires using your chain nose pliers and attach beaded strand and close shut

Step 7

Repeat steps to make second earring

Items You'll Need

0531-4-go TierraCast Gold Plated 4mm Daisy Spacer Beads (Package of 25 beads)
Gold plated pewter 4mm Daisy Spacers. These beautiful spacer beads have a shiny gold finish....
4 in stock
$2.96 $2.22
0535-5-gol 5mm TierraCast Gold Plated Talavera Star Bead Cap (Package of 4 bead caps)
These beautiful gold plated pewter bead caps measure 5.75x2.5mm. Hole size is 1mm.  
12 in stock
$5.08 $3.63
0561-25-gol 14K Gold Filled 2.5mm Smooth Round Beads (Package of 30 beads)
14K Gold filled 2.5mm (with 1 mm hole) smooth round beads. These tiny gold beads...
5 in stock
$5.99 $4.99
0701-25-gol 14K Gold filled .025 inch French Ear Wire (Package of 4 wires)
These 14K gold filled .025 inch French ear wires are hammered with loop and coil...
24 in stock
0707-4-clr Rubber Ear Wire Guards (Package of 144 guards)
Rubber Ear Wire Guards - package of 144 guards. (4mm length) Rubber earring backs are...
6 in stock
$2.79 $1.89
0801-2-gol 14k Gold Filled 2 inch Head Pins (Package of 6 Head Pins)
14K Gold filled 2 inch head pins. These lightweight (24 gauge) headpins are easy to...
34 in stock
$7.64 $4.99
5301 / 5328-4-cr-gs Swarovski Crystal 4mm Bicone Crystal Golden Shadow Beads (Package of 48 Beads)
Article: 5328 XILION Bicone Bead. Can be combined with previous bead, Article 5301.Size: 4.00 mmColor:...
20 in stock
$4.69 $3.99
5601-4-em Swarovski Crystal 4mm Emerald Cube Beads (Package of 12 Beads)
Article: 5601 Faceted Cube BeadSize: 4.00 mmColor: Emerald (205). Emerald is a dark green color...
0 in stock
Sold Out
5601-6-em Swarovski Crystal 6mm Emerald Cube Beads (Package of 6 Beads)
Size: 6.00 mmColor: Emerald (205). Emerald is a dark green color and is the birthstone...
0 in stock
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