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0601-19x30-blon Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire (bright) - 19 strand - 30 ft. (1 roll per package)
Beadalon bead stringing wire, nylon coated stainless steel, 19 strand, 30 ft. length, .015" diameter....
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0541-2-ss Sterling Silver 2mm Crimps (Package of 25)
Sterling silver crimp tubes are the perfect end to your beautiful creations! They create a...
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0541c-3-ss Sterling Silver Crimp Covers (Package of 100)
Use these to conceal your finished 2x2mm crimps by gently closing (with your crimp tool)...
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0553-13round-sp Silver Plated Round Toggle Clasp (Package of 1 clasp)
This pretty and petite toggle clasp in antique silver has a banded decoration on both...
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0554-17heart-sp Silver Plated Fancy Heart Toggle Clasp (Package of 1 clasp)
This well-made clasp is as beautiful as it is sturdy. What a stunning accent to...
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0565-11rnd-sp Silver Plated 11mm Fancy Round Bead Frame (Package of 1 frame)
These beautiful pewter bead frames have an elegant pattern and give your designs a dressy...
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5810-6-wprl Swarovski Crystal 6mm White Round Pearls (Package of 50 pearls)
Article: 5810 Round PearlsSize: 6.0 mmColor: Crystal (001). Crystal is a clear color and is...
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5000-6-bz Swarovski Crystal 6mm Round Blue Zircon Beads (Package of 12 Beads)
Article: 5000 Faceted Round BeadSize: 6.00 mmColor: Blue Zircon (229)Hole Diameter: 1.10 mm
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5000-6-in Swarovski Crystal 6mm Round Indicolite Beads (Package of 12 Beads)
Article: 5000 Faceted Round BeadSize: 6.00 mmColor: Indicolite (379)Hole Diameter: 1.10 mm
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0561-25-ss Sterling Silver 2.5mm Smooth Round Beads (Package of 30 beads)
Sterling silver 2.5mm (with .9mm hole) smooth round beads. These tiny bright silver beads compliment...
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