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T6SCR15-16 - Dakota Stones Tourmaline 6mm Star Cut Round (17 beads per package)
Dakota Stones Tourmaline Beads. These colorful tourmaline beads are unique in color and cut and...
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0710-comp-003 Silver Plated 30mm Smooth Round Beading Hoops (Package of 2 Hoops)
Silver plated 30mm smooth round beading hoops. Open the wire on one side, add your...
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0701-25-ss Sterling Silver .025 inch French Ear Wire with coil (Package of 6 wires)
These sterling silver .025 inch French ear wires are hammered with loop and coil to...
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0561-2.5mm-ss Sterling Silver 2.5 mm Smooth Round Beads (Package of 30 beads)
Sterling silver 2.5mm (with 1.2mm hole) smooth round beads. These tiny bright silver beads compliment...
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0707-4-clr Rubber Ear Wire Guards (Package of 144 guards)
Rubber Ear Wire Guards - package of 144 guards. (4mm length) Rubber earring backs are...
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