About Us

Best Buy Beads was started almost 15 years by two sisters – Laura and Linda – who loved making jewelry but couldn’t always find bead colors and styles that inspired them. Their desire to access a variety of new, exciting materials spurred the creation of Best Buy Beads. One of the best parts about starting their own business was their families and kids could be a part of it all. They helped sort, pack and ship beads and learned life lessons along the way.

Today the company is owned by two families – the Hostetters and the Holsopples – who share Laura and Linda’s excitement for the business and the opportunity to raise their family in an entrepreneurial setting.

Meet the Hostetters – Amelia and Adam have been married for 14 years and have a total of seven kids….

Amelia grew up stringing beads for her mom's small jewelry business.  The craft gene was definitely passed on to the latest generation because the five girls are obsessed with crafts. They're so excited to be involved in a bead business.

Meet the Holsopples – Amy and Scott have been married for almost 4 years and have a curious and active toddler. They’re excited to work together – a fun test for their marriage! – and to use beads as a way to teach their daughter colors, counting skills and more.

One of Amy’s favorite childhood memories is visiting a bead store in her hometown of Kansas City and scouring the bins of beads in search of the perfect materials to make a necklace. She always felt a sense of artistic expression when designing the necklaces and accomplishment afterward.

And while not a jewelry maker, for a period of time Scott was pretty passionate about weaving ... As you’d probably suspect, Scott’s creations weren’t always pretty, but weaving was a fun creative outlet and mental break for his treadmill mind.

We’re excited to grow the business, spend time together and continue the fantastic customer service that you’ve come to know from Best Buy Beads.

And if you ever have a question, concern or comment please feel free to contact us here.

The Hostetters & Holsopples